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FOR SALE: Plasmatron TVs


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Direct from manufacturer full warranty brand new 42" widescreen LG plasmatrons TV's. I believe they are the hardware manufacturers for names like NEC.

They are Uber thin and accept VGA (Computer inputs) as well as all the standard NTSC TV inputs.

Really good for people who don't have alot of footprint space in a livingroom/apartment but still want something large that doesn't take up too much of the area.

A friend at work is doing some direct to pulic selling through his dad's distribution network.. so he's bugging my ass to find people who want them.

About $7000 I think -all included.

I don't have a pic of the exact model, but here are some similar ones.



Serious inquiries only...


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i will trade for my 1958 appliances ;)

but honestly, im sorta interested, get an exact price please