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For sale: decks, mixer and custom-built DJ table


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The decks: Two Stanton T.80s, with needles (which are still in great shape), 45 inserts and dust covers.


The mixer: Roland DJ-1000, with built-in FX filter


The table: 18" x 35" x 48", custom-made, walnut stain. Large centre space for a stereo (or whatever) with open back. The two supports inside this space are movable/removable. The three sections in the bottom have closed backs, and are big enough to accomodate vinyls. You will need a pickup truck or SUV to pick this up (I cannot deliver it). Table is solidly constructed, and cannot be disassembled.



$300 for the decks and mixer, $100 for the table. All equipment is fully functional and has been well cared-for and maintained.

vespa_dnb at hotmail dot com