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Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by PolishPrincess, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. PolishPrincess

    PolishPrincess TRIBE Member

  2. kirstenmeows

    kirstenmeows TRIBE Member

    I have the same table and chairs. The chairs are really comfy, and great for sitting through a large meal.
  3. DJMarshy

    DJMarshy TRIBE Member

    Ah, the good ol' Ikea Jerker desk. Seriously, is there anything you can't use it for?
  4. PolishPrincess

    PolishPrincess TRIBE Member

    Ya I love this set and I'm really sad to let it go but I'm moving in with my bf and he has a set he loves already.

    Looking to sell it to a good home. Willing to accept reasonable offers.

    Thanks for looking!
  5. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    i love love love that couch.
  6. PolishPrincess

    PolishPrincess TRIBE Member

    I know - the colour is beautiful and it's soft and comfy to lay on.

    Update: Jerker desk is SOLD.

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