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FOR SALE: Computer Desk


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Computer Desk for Sale!

In great shape.
Has keyboard tray, large drawer and place for tower and shelf.

4' Wide / 2' Deep / 30" High

Here's a quick pic.

Asking $50 or Best Offer
Must pick-up as I don't have any means of transportation.
In the Bathurst / Eglinton area...

pr0nstar :D
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Anything to get rid of it out of my Apartment, it's taking up space :p

But the one on the right is dead now (or almost there), stupid plants...

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I told you when I was moving, I have something perfect for Turntables in my storage space.

It's just an Ikea workbench, unfinished wood. SO you can stain/paint it any colour.

It holds 2 BookShelf Speakers, 2 x 1200s, DJM500 no problem.
And it has a shelf under for Amp or Records ;)

I was going to give this to you free.