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For Sale: CD-J and Mixer


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Im upgrading my equipment and need to sell a Pioneer CD-J and Gemini mixer. Both are in perfect condition and are 100% fine. The Pioneer is a good mid leve CD-J with many features. The Gemini is a great Mixer for either a turntablist or as an entry level mixer. Unlike most of Gemini's mixers it is very high quality and its parts are identitcal to the ones Vestax uses. It's part of Gemini's newer line of higher end gear. Im including some information on them both below

Pioneer CD-J 500 II

These are great CD players that live up to Pioneers high standards. You won't be disappointed by this great CD-J!


Vinyl Turntable Design

Jog Dial- For a Closer-To-Vinyl Feel!
This large, quick-response dial makes frame-by-frame search and cue point selection easy and accurate while providing a closer-to-vinyl turntable feel.

Flat-Top Design
The CDJ-50011's top-mounted controls are easy to use, for DJs used to working with turntables.

Quick Start
When you hit the Play button, the CDJ-500II starts the music instantly so you can match rhythms with pinpoint accuracy.

Playing Address
A light bar provides an at-a-glance graphic indication of elapsed playing time.

Tempo Control
A DJ-standard long-stroke slide allows quickresponse control over pitch and speed within the range +/-10%.

Digital CD Features

Master Tempo
An industry first, this new Master Tempo control locks in the music's pitch even when the tempo changes. Now you can vary the beat with no change in vocal or instrument tone.

Loop Functions

Any sequence can be sampled and seamlessly looped as many times as desired. REAL-TIME LOOP This function lets you set a phrase start point in real time during a live performance. The end point is also set in real time. LOOP-OUT ADJUST During a loop, use this function to enter the Loop-Out Point correction. Then, after the adjustment is made, the jog dial enables easy re-setting. LONG LOOP and SHORT LOOP. With Long Loop, up to 10 minutes of music can be sampled and seamlessly looped as many times as needed, while Short Loop lets you loop half beats and phrases as short as one frame. RELOOP After a loop is released, the reloop button returns you to the loop start point.

Cue Functions

Auto Cue / Manual Cue
Auto Cue automatically locates the song's start point even if it differs from the track's 0 frame, while Manual Cue allows the cue point to be set freely. Also, using the Cue button, you can operate the player like a sampler.

Easy Cue Point Correction
The Manual Search button or the jog dial can make cue point a frame-by-frame search of the CD for the exact cue point you want.

Real-Time Cue Point Input
Set the cue point by pressing the Loop In button during playback. Then press Cue to set the cue point.

Pioneer Gives You More

Fader Start Play / Back Cue Play
When the CDJ-500II is used with a DJM-500, DJM-300, or DJM-300-S mixer, you can start the music with a fader, or cross fader, or use them to return to the cue point.

Built for Professionals
Power and Eject button safety guards prevent accidental music cutoff and thepickup protective slide operates automatically when the CD door opens.

Im asking 600 or best offer for this, the list price is over a grand.

Gemini UMX-5

The highlights of this mixer are the strong EQ's and the Fader. The fader has three features that make it great for both the turntablist and anyone else. Firstly it has a knob with which one can set the curve of the fader. This feature is really awesome and makes a huge difference by allowing you to really customize how the mixer works. For scratching it also has a reverse. Lastly it is a feather fader and really slides.


3 Band EQ's, +12, -32

2 stereo channels; 3 phono/line convertible 1 line and 1 mic input; Adjustable assing switches; Channel slide curve with control switch; Crossfader with rotary curve control; Crossfader reverse (hamster) switch; State of the art cue section with split; Cut feature for low , mid and high for each chanel; Gain , high , mid and low tone controls for each channel; Balanced and unbalanced master outputs; Zone and record outputs; Dual mode metering

asking 200 or best offer

Please either PM me or e-mail me at noah@turnitup.ca

Im in Montreal now, but will be in Toronto between the 16th and 28th

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cdj-500II ..

bought mine like 2 months ago, just with a busted skip froward button for $200 or $250....


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I only put a price that high because I knew it would go for much less anyway. I very much doubt anyone would pay 600 for one of these. It is however in perfect condition and that place is selling it for 500 American + shipping so this is still a good deal.

Just PM me with what you think its worth and well see.
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