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For Sale - Bedrock Records


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So back in 2001/2 a friend of mine worked for Bedrock and gave me all of their catalogue at the time - the magic word being "free" I took them all but have yet to play them ... wanted to see if anyone was interested for $12 obo a piece (but would rather sell as a lot - going to go home tonight and get a full list together - but wanted to see if it was worth my while.

Some examples are:

Hamel & Blackwatch - Discotek
Alchemy - Bruiser
Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments
Aetherius - Liquid Progression / The Groove
Lemon 8 Lose Control
Revolt - Moonlit Room
Mainline - Narcotic / Innerspace

All records in basically new condition - only played one or twice.

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Originally posted by PLeja
If you got them free why are you charging full price?

I smell a poopy pants. Stop crapping everywhere.

I got Laaf tickets for free the other week and I sold them for face value.

If you don't want them don't buy them or PM the seller as per the RULES.

Leave Linzerton alone.:p




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Nice one Ivy Iverton ... :)

1. These records are brand new
2. They are rare and probably back catalogue
3. If you are into prog - then they are awesome
4. I said obo <smile>

Come on there must be some takers ... full list 2moro ... :)

Linds x
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I know ... I know ... i'm working on it started to put the list together last night ... but things have been crazy busy getting ready for 2moro!

Will have them posted by 2moro afternoon! :) Sorry for the delay!
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List of Records

I'd much rather sell these as a lot ... :) But here they are:

Bed 27
Original Mix

Bed 24
Liquid Progression/The Groove

Bed 33r
Walking on Fire
Bedrock vocal mix/Beloved vocal mix

Bed 23
The Energy
Salt Tank Mix/Chimera Mix/DJ Remy Mix

Bed 23r
The Energy
Evolution Remix/REgeneration Mix

Bed 32
Beautiful Thang
Original Mix
Diciples of Smoke - Retouch

Bed 28
Original Mix
The 6:00am DT vinyl Dub

Bedrock Black 05

Bedrock Back 04
Sophisticated/afro doom

Bed 25
Heavy Fluid
Original/Main Element Remix

Bedrock Black 02
Jondi & Spech
Mysteries of hte giant squid/toltec

As for cost - gues $60 for the lot ... or $8 each - obo

Linds x