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******for Sale: 70+ Booty Records!!!!******


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I'm selling a crate of booty records, which contain around 70 records, give or take a few. The style varies, from dj funk style to more hard house style of booty, to more oldschool 80's rap booty, to booty with a break beat. I'm only selling them as a complete whole, i'm not selling them individually for i do not have the time to do so. I'm selling them to the highest bidder, i've already gotten bids for up to $650.

The collection pretty much has every single good booty track. Here is just a list of a few:

Booty bass - Shake dat ass
Sir mix alot - Baby got back
All of dj funk's albums.
Dj assualt - ass and titties
Dj Issac - face down ass up
mercury man - Bangs Uranus

other tracks from producers like:

dj assualt
disco - d
dj godfather
dj urban
dj deeon
dj chip

Pretty much every single 2 Live crew album (originals)
and a whole lot of other hidden goodies.

If your interested in purchasing them please email me at dj_explicit@sympatico.ca



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take your 650 offer....

why anyone else would pay more for 70 records that are domestic is beyond me..... ALL those "hidden gems" can be tracked down easily....

<-- not being a dick, just stating the obvious....drop that price man...

especially if being sold as a LOT.