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For Sale - 3' x 3' alum light box & Ikea TV stand


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This is for a 3'x3' light box. It has an extruded aluminum snap frame with a sign white plexi face. The inside is lit with fluorescent lighting. It is CSA approved and professionally made.

This can be used as a lightbox or as a sign. It has only been used a few times indoors. I am selling it as I really have no room for it anymore. I keep it on the floor, but it has hooks for hanging.
$150 neg.

White two piece tv stand. Small scratch on face (non penetrating) and the top unit used to be on wheels so it has screw holes on the underside.
bottom = $20.
top = $20.


samralh at hotmail dot calm
PM here.
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checked...someones coming by on thursday from ' some list run by this Craig guy ' to look at the light...if they likey, and have the $ on hand, its theirs.
if not, i'll hold it for you for a while.
give me a shout when the aformentioned $ amount can be achieved by you.
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