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FOR SALE: 20GB ipod photo - new in box

spAce cAdette

TRIBE Member
I ordered this last month and it finally arrived THE DAY apple released their new video ipods! I have literally not even thurned it on yet. Everything that came with it (booklits, wires, set-up cd, etc.) is all still there sealed in the box.

I'm asking $325 for it. Last week it retailed for $379-399 depending on the store.

If you're interested please e-mail me at: amyamazon1 [at] hotmail.com

I think I can withstand the temptation to play with the ipod for no more than 1 torture filled week so please get in touch if you're interested because after that I'm opening it!

~Amy :)

spAce cAdette

TRIBE Member
I'm going to drop the price to $300 because the feedback so far has been minimal. It's still a great deal for anyone who is looking to buy a new ipod. After tax it cost me $435.85 and it's in the box completely unused. It was only bought last week.


TRIBE Member
Everywhere I look everyone's got little white plugs in their ears... Maybe you should try other boards too where it's not mainly TO people (if u haven't already).
Before I moved here, the city I was from (1.5 hr west of t.o) ipods were NO WHERE in sight.. they 'marketed' the shyt out of toronto!!! LOL
but you got a nice deal goin on...
anywho, good luck! I'm sure it won't take long for a bite.