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For Rent: $600 - May or June 1st - Ossington Station


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- 1 Bright comfortable bedroom with north facing window.
- You would have the whole first floor to yourself - very quiet and private.
- Month-to-Month lease (1st and last required).
- 3-bedroom/1-bathroom house
- Central heating and A/C
- Ceiling fan in room
- Rent is 600 not inclusive (utilities about 20-30 every two months).
- Free cable, but you must pay for Rogers internet.
- Coin-operated washer/dryer onsite (or larger laundromat 1 minute away).
- 5 minute walk to 24-hour IGA.
- 5 minute walk to Ossington Station.
- Landlord lives in the back of the house, with separate entrance. He is responsive and easy to deal with.
- Roomates are two friendly, laidback guys (both working full time).
- Students welcome but no partying during the week.
- No smoking in the house
- No pets
- References/credit check may be required.

Please PM or email matt <at> jmattchan.com for inquiries.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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May's Rent For Free

If you move in May 1st, I am offering May's rent for free.

I was late on providing my landlord with my 60 days notice and am technically on the hook for May anyways. I am offering one month's rent for free as incentive to ensure that someone is paying rent in my place by June, so as not to suffer any further penalty...


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