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for rent: 1 bedroom in newly renovated 3 bedroom annex apt


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Renting large bedroom in spacious 3 person apartment in a house (2nd and 3rd floor) with two young professional males starting May 1st.

-Annex: Bloor and Palmerston
-2 minute walk to Bathurst Subway.

-12' by 12' room with a large private storage area on the second floor (I.E. our first floor)
-Large common area
-1 1/2 bathrooms
-Central air conditioning
-Renovated 2 years ago, so everything's pretty new
-Large patio on third floor, but it's through someone's bedroom. It's still there for your use, but you have to be reasonable
-Coin laundry in the building
-No lease, but you need to give 2 months notice


We pay hydro, but nothing else as far as utilities. From the last hydro bill i could find, it's around $23 per month per person. Shared internet and TV on Rogers.

There is a parking spot available to rent at $70/month.

No smoking cigarettes in the house. We both work business hours, so rowdiness has to be kept in check late on weeknights. You have to do chores, you slob.

Will also consider subletting

PM or email: mungedaddress<AT>hotmail<DOT>com


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