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FOR RENT: 1 bedroom apartment/$950

Mz. SPy

TRIBE Member
1 bedroom apartment for rent. Available January 1/2004. First and last required.

St. Clair W/Oakwood area. (115 Alberta Ave).

Main floor in house. (3 apartments in house).

Only street parking available (~55 dollars/6 months).
$950 dollars all inclusive.

Washer and dryer in apartment.

Hardwood floor in living room and bedroom. New linolieum floor in kitchen.

Front porch and back porch.

Any questions? PM me.
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Mz. SPy

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Originally posted by EffinHard
I live on Winona (when Im in toronto), a block away, this is a great neighborhood.

yup, it is.

its close to everything you need. grocery store/blockbuster/ LCBO/Beer Store/many cheap cigarette stores/yummy bakery.
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fuck this sounds AWESOME!! figures....:(

i don't need a place till this time next year


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It is a great neighbourhood. I lived a few houses north for 20 years until my parents sold the house. Lots of friendly people. And it's got good TTC access for those who don't own four wheels... and heck! Effinhard's only a block away when he's in town!
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Mz. SPy

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Originally posted by dj_dopamine
ur priced too high!!

its all inclusive. plus free cable. washer and dryer. back yard.

its not too high at all. at least i wouldn't think.

its not my price, but i would never say its too much. you would be paying over a grand in any apartment building where you have to pay for your own laundry and everything.


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I think it's a perfectly good deal but only if the house is soundproofed. Nothing worse than moving into a pad that looks amazing and the price is right to find out that you can hear every footstep/word your upstairs neighbours make. that's why I won't rent apartments in houses unless I'm on the top floor.

but if there are no noise problems than considering all that this apartment comes with I think that it's a great deal


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concur :: too expensive

been looking for a place for like 7 weeks now...and after seeing about 25 or so, i'd say that i've come across places cheaper that offer more, such as free parking space. $950 is way too high.

soundproofing is definitely a big deal....and agree with 'top floor' comment...

if you're looking to rent, NOW is the time to do it...so many awesome choices....

it is WAY cheaper to find a great place if you have a roommate...cuz 2 bedroom places go for like $1300-$1800....
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