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For DVD/Computer geeks ...

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I might as well just attach this to the thread to make it official ...


Cheers ... Ian :)
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NEC and Toshiba have proposed jointly developed next-generation large-capacity DVD (HD DVD) technology, which has blue laser diodes (LDs) as its light source, as the next-generation DVD format to the DVD Forum. Two HD DVD format specifications are currently being promoted for standardization. One is the ROM (read-only-memory) disc with 15GB of storage capacity on a single layer and 30GB on dual layers and the other is the rewritable disc with 20GB of storage capacity. In November, the DVD Forum's steering committee approved the proposed HD DVD-ROM format in version 0.9."

That is awesome!



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I'm just here because I'm required by law to post in every single thread that has the word "geek" in the title.

So um yeah...

ok bye!


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If you want this thread to stay in the top ten, just mention something about "NBC presents.....Joe SaladTosser" or something stupid like that.