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For Anyone Who Thinks Skynet is Still Happening

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I want that toilet.

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Reminds me of the set of "Blast From The Past":


Guess that's where they got that idea from.

Anyway, whomever is foolish enough to buy it won't be able to use it in an event in which it would be useful. The entire Internet knows about it now.

mitsuko souma

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Parts of it remind me of the house from Boogie Nights minus the mountains of cocaine.
It would be like living on a film set all the time.

I like 70's/80's kitsch. It's such a specific aesthetic and when done right, it can be unique and beautiful IMO.
Primitive appliances and all.
I think the middle one is a toaster. I'm not sure what the thing on the right does.
I'm guessing it brews coffee or something but who the fuck knows.



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wow, the thing on the counter is a "foodmatic preperation center". which i think is a stand mixer thats built into the counter top. crazy.

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