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For all you powderheads..

Cheap Ego

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I figured I'd share this with you..

http://mslm.on.ca :D

Have fun for me, as I'll probably be stuck studying at home this weekend.. :( Oh well, at least next week I'll be in banff.. deeper in powder than the Guv's management..


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whistler's been all icy for like 2 days.

it's supposed to snow today, so who knows? might be able to get a few runs in before work!


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I don't know why.
But I hate Mnt St. L...

I've been to most places in Ontario, and I hate that place...



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I hate my friends in California bugging me to come down again.

Lake Tahoe, Oh how I want to live there for a season!


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Originally posted by pr0nstar

I miss the view from a top of Heavenly ;)

pr0nstar :D

Cant wait to get back to Cali!

[biggie]I'm going, going, back, back, to cali, cali![/biggie]