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For all you people who love Philosophy


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mainly because I missed my last class and I just realized that Casey is in it

now I can get the notes, score :)
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Mike Richards

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I have a lot of theories about the meaning(s) of exsistance but to express them to philosophically educated people would make me come across as a crack head. Besides some of my theories take hours to explain verbally so posting on a message board would take years. I will lurk tho cause I am always hungry for knowledge!!


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yes i do know casey sort of, but we've already discussed this :)

and basic, the majority of philosophy site message boards i've visited are full of "i'm writing a paper, what's the answer to this question"

and that's it....and of course no one posts a response because everyone is looking for a response to their paper writing question

u of t has a philosohpy site, but no real place for discussion on it

i hope this endeavour succeeds, because it would be nice to have a site where people can actually discuss concepts (brought up in class or otherwise) in a general manner.

hopefully, u of t has a large enough active posting body to get it rolling