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for all "Florida Breaks" lovers...

Sugar D

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Baby Anne: I'm About to Break

Bass Queen & Icey protege, Baby Anne , comes out with her first disc on Moonshine titled "I'm About To Break"

Release Date: May 21
Moonshine Music ( released in Canada by KOCH)

Tony Faline- Downdiggitydown
Jus Chris- Cut'n & Scratch'n
Speedo- Phat Beat
Baby Anne- Fury
DJ Icey- Thor
DJ X- Scream
Baby Anne- She Said
Dynamix II- Sedona
Tall Paul- Precious Heart
Tony Faline- Keep Goin
Trinity Hi-Fi- Turn The Lights Down
Huda Hudia & DJ Fixx as the All Star Breakers- Break to The Bass
Algorhythm (Moody & Swifty)- Tic-Toc Boom
Keith Mackenzie- From The Bottom
Huda Hudia- On The Dance Floor


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Any idea if any of those are remixes?

Cause Speedo - Fat Beat is originally a Hard House track.

Looks good though. Which is good because I was really disappointed in "Dark Side Of The Boom"
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