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Foobar 2000


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Have been using Foobar for years...

You probably need to install the VU meter plugin itself, check preferences - components to see if its installed, configure it / add it to your layout

Check the forums at hydrogenaudio to see if there's an english thread or get the component from the main foobar2000 if it's there


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A friend of mine was laughing at me when she saw that I used foobar. She's a developer and was all "Why are you using a command line to play music?"

"Why do you need a 500MB application (iTunes) to play a song? I hate bloatware."

It's these simple master pieces of software that I love. VLC, Foobar2000.... simple, small, and they just work.


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hit me up with your favourite components?

Im interested in what you installed to make it better.

Im into visualizations. I haven't figured out how to customize it, but im doing some reading.
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Visualization wise I don't run a whole lot. I run the standard spectrum analyzer and VU meter for levels, and the Waveform Seekbar above toolbar controls and detailed file information sections. That's the right hand side. Playlist contents in the middle and playlist organizer on the left. Search, hierarchical tree view and iTunes like Facets browsing in tabs above the playlist organizer.

Screenshot: imgur: the simple image sharer

Component wise
AC3 decoder - for few 5.1 albums I have
Last.FM / audioscrobbler - installs with the Last.FM client
Autosave / Autobackup - handy for backing up config
Facets - Don't use this too much anymore since an autoplaylist based on genres or search do the same job
Foobar2000 Controller Pro - Android tablet remote control of foobar
Monkeymote - iPhone 5 remote control of foobar
Playback Statistics - this is pretty useful for setting up autoplaylists like one for new unplayed content or skipping over stuff recently played
Playlist Organizer - gives the left hand UI element and drop down menu option to change playlists
Scheduler - can use this to make foobar into an alarm
Skip Track - This one is pretty useful to me, have it set to skip over anything played in the last 2 weeks as most of the time I play on album shuffle and don't want to hear something I just listened to when I have a lot to go through otherwise

DSP stack -
Advanced Limiter
Convert stereo to 4 channels
Skip track

Using the IR receiver from a cheap HTPC remote - lets me control playback on HTPC and the rest of my HT with a Logitech Harmony 650 remote. The 650 learns the standard media PC commands and then the receiver is all you need.

FLIRC apparently is a quick and easy way to do more in terms of universal remote - HTPC controls however I haven't played around with it too much after it initially wasn't working the way I anticipated.


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That's right. The left panel is the Playlist Organizer component. I use Autoplaylists fairly heavily so they automatically update if you add or remove files, contrary to standard playlists. As an example those Genre playlists are just an autoplaylist search for the genre. If you go into search and search for a string, you can save the results as an autoplaylist. Unplayed is an autoplaylist for anything returned for a search on items with 0 play count. Some of the playlists under Segments search against a tag I've put into comments like "favourite album". Putting things into tags are useful for cross platform use e.g. can search against the same tags in other applications like iTunes. And setting the appropriate watch folder location in media library settings will help keep things up to date automatically as well.
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Years ago I gave deep a hard time about using foobar because it's so ugly, and in response he issued me a pretty standard but harsh burn.


But for the past 8+ years I've pretty much used Foobar exclusively as my primary music player and library program. It's the best, and I've come to appreciate it's simplicity. It's like opening Wikipedia: sure it's not the prettiest website on the internet, but it does the job better and faster.


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I think it's come a fair ways in recent years on being able to customize the UI, that said I think most people appreciate being able to do what you want with the UI and in practice tends towards keeping things simple

I'm interested in this new project they have for a mobile player - have you guys heard of it?

Foobar Mobile Fundraiser
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