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Follow Tribers On Soundcloud


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Sal De Ban said:
Is anyone here on Soundcloud? I just set up an acct.
I figured the above comment in the NC thread justified this new thread. ... not to mention the recent addition of the soundcloud widget button on Tribe's post editor...

I myself am following 10 or so Tribers at the moment... It's interesting to see/hear who's in to what.. and who is writing what... regardless of genre.

Anyhow... feel free to click the following link to follow me...

Darren Marshall on Soundcloud

My page is mostly original Productions at the moment but the odd DJ mix is added from time to time.

Thanks in advance for listening.


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phantohms - Tracks - SoundCloud is my band in Winnipeg, though I am in London...

I'll be following your stuff from a different account (DJDeepSix) under which I will probably not post any tracks unless I free up a whole wack of time to write on my own!

Great idea.