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has anyone heard the eddie amador remix of aly-us' follow me track?!?!?!

i haven't yet, and am curious to know how it sounds.


really good.
it sounds just like the original, but polished up to today's production standards.
with a track like that, i think it would have been a real mistake to try to change it too much.
eddie was a good choice for the remix.


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i think i heard it a comfort zone 2 weeks ago, it was sweet especially in the midst of some of the heavier house/progressive tracks that get played there.

i swear even the most hard core partiers were truly housing it up complete with smiles and smooth moves. i am actually looking forward to hearing it again.

Smiley Jo

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I bought the original a couple of weeks ago!

I couldn't resist!! :p

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yay! i can't wait to hear this!

i'm hoping...to see the day
when my people....can all relate
we must stop fighting.....to achieve the peace
that was brought to our country....we shall all be free....

follow me....why don't you follow me....
to a place....where we can be free....


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I caught the video the other day, a super 8 and a crowd in someones basement! now thats the underground.

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Originally posted by poker face
shit that sounds like that track that the H-foundation dropped at system. If it is that track is hot.

the original is like 10 years old for sure its a classic