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FOCUS @ Charlie's Sat march 6!!!!

peanut butter

TRIBE Member
so who's coming out?

I went last week for BLC and it was probably one of the best sets i've heard him play.

I think Turtle & Angus are playing tonight

only two more nights to go before this turns into a psy-trance night (i don't even know what the fuck "psy-trance" is and frankly i counldn't care less!)

PB (glad i wasn't fondled at the door last week)
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TRIBE Member
oooooooh sh-shaw!

I can't wait. I think there's gonna be some serious cutting of the rug a gwan tonight

Robb G

TRIBE Promoter
Can't wait!

I gots my dancing shoes all polished and it's gonna be a good one.


(Mr Peanut Butter Brown thank you for waking my ass up, hope you're feeling a bit better ;) I'm not drinking tonight so there's no worries of me standing on a chair and yelling at you to finish your drink ...ahah)
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