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Focus at Charlies needs your support!!!!

dj Red Turtle

TRIBE Promoter
We have found out that Focus at Charlies will be of no more. We are being replaced by a Psy-Trance night. I know many of you had made it out and have greatly enjoyed yourselves. We appreciate the support. So what I am asking you to do is to voice your opinions on this matter via a letter writing campaign to the PR Manager of the Guvernment:

Strategic Marketing Manager/ Public Relations

There are two nights left to this amazing night. This Saturday March 6 and next weekend March 13. What better way to make your voice heard is with your feet busting out to zee breaks at Charlies for the next 2 Saturdays.

Come show your support.
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Angus Robinson

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It is a shame indeed... kinda frustrating, really... seeing as the night's been going quite well (considering we are in the middle of the slow season)!
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Awww that's too bad Dan. I had lots of fun the few times I came out. The only reason I haven't been there lately is cause I hardly go anywhere in January and February. This sucks...just as I am slowly coming out of hibernation this night is ending...crap!:(


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oh no :(

This is awful news...

I come out to this every other week..and well..this just plain sucks.

There isn't anything else as good on a Saturday night that's for sure.


I'll be there!
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A night that showcases top local and INTERNATIONAL talent is being replaced by this.

FOCUS at Charlies is an opportunity to expose hundreds of enthusiastic dance music lovers to the music we so enthusiastically pour our hearts and souls into.

The night is on the cusp of being huge...the word is spreadeing around the club and the Guv regulars as well as a lot of the staff have been offering some really positive feedback.
More and more of the TO breaks croud have been coming out each week, and BIG UP the folks who have been supporting since the begining!

The goal was to make it untill the summer...imagine how stellar a weekly breaks Saturday would be down by the water, and 50% of the walls in Charlies are windows that are opened wide in the warm weather! Thats pseudo patio style! With school out and more time to party, we would pack the place.

So like Mr. Red Turtle said...show your support!

If you have faith in our breaks scene and want to see some positive changes...including a regular Saturday jam, and a chance to spread the word to the masses...tell the suits responsible that this show must go on.

Send an email and show up and party!
(like we really need an excuse :p)


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this is just baffling.

when i was able to make it down to toronto and attend focus it was a stellar night with a local line up and a bumpin crowd.

it baffles me how a night like this is being cast aside in favour of a night thrown by some ambitious if inexperienced kids from TR. i'm sure they have the best of intentions but i'd be quite suprised if they could sustain a crowd anywhere near the size that focus brought in. the guverment has enough progressive and trance and consequently this move makes little sense.

experienced and professional promoters and dj's somehow being usurped by this night?

absolutely ridiculous.


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with all due respect to psy -trance heads...psy-trance is ass! I for one have to admit I'm guilty of not getting out enough but is there really any comparison between which of these two types of music rocks the party more? I'll be out over the next two weeks.


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I'm mos definitely going to miss my Saturday nights out at FOCUS.
Charlies was a great place to enjoy some beats and good company. It also gave me an opportunity for me to play breaks alongside Dan, Angus, Kev & Kick, good times that will be missed.
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case sensitive

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Psyrage?!? What the fuck is going on? That's going to last about two weeks. Comparing that night to FOCUS wouldn't even be fair.



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*cough*Its the Guvernment-Shouldnt be a surprise*cough*

See if the bar brings in half of the booze breaks did. Wont even come close.

Which brings me back to my original point. Guvernment-Drugs-Psytrance? See a connection?
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The Electrician

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Originally posted by funkNstyle
*cough*Its the Guvernment-Shouldnt be a surprise*cough*

See if the bar brings in half of the booze breaks did. Wont even come close.

Which brings me back to my original point. Guvernment-Drugs-Psytrance? See a connection?

But the Guv makes a lot of money from drugs... So I could see that happening...

But it sucks large that it had to happen to our night...


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After seeing the dj lineup for this psytrance night i'm pretty sure it wont last too long. It still baffles me as to how a bunch of no name dj's/promoters can all of a sudden take over something that has already established it's self as a prime breaks night. But then again i respect the fact that these psytrance promoters are trying to push this relatively underground sound here in toronto towards a crowd that might actually like it. Essentially,one must keep in mind psytrance aint for everyone, not everyone understands it. But one thing is for sure, i can see it having more of an appeal than breaks considering the fact 90% of the people on a regular saturday night are looped on chemicals... psytrance is ideal for this type of scenario...

anyhow best of luck to the focus crew, if all goes well u should have your night back soon:)


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The few times I've made it out, it seemd like Charlie's was packed, and there was always poeple waiting at the bar to buy drinks. I don't think I've ever made it out to Guvernment on a Saturday except for FOCUS, and I know there's plenty others that can say the same.

Will PsyTrance really bring so many new customers to the Guv? I doubt it. I say, everyone who posts in this thread should right this PR person and let 'em know.

See y'all on Saturday!
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2 The Beat

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This is truly disappointing because we have had some pretty fun times in there. The night Atomic Hooligan played was one of the best throwdowns this city has seen in a long time.

It was not easy to convince people to go the the Guvernment who are used to breaks parties in smaller locations without the hassles of a big club (and in many cases were not interested in the music in the other rooms). I am one of those people who is not always in to the big room vibe. I would never have been a regular at the Guv if it was not for FOCUS. No insult to the club, it is just not the scene I am looking for. That is likely true of most of us who frequent Charlies. Had we had our own entrance, like the new night will have, I am have no doubt it my mind that we could have brought out a lot more people who did not want to have to go through the front entrance to get in. We were slowly but surely convincing people that good things were going on. Sadly, we must not have been doing the job well enough. The Guvernment is a business, and they will do what they see fit for their business and I can not argue with that. I am most disheartened for Dan because he works so hard for the music (as well as for the Guv) and the rug gets pulled away.

However, it is not over yet. There is 2 more nights going on and we still can offer people guestlist to check this week at Charlies.
http://www.purephunk.com/guestlist and add yourself.

I did have fun many times there and people such as Jose, Mark, Tasc, Peter and all else did treat me very well.

I do hope that they re-consider.


The Electrician

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They have removed the "the D-monic Funk Regime" and have installed some kind of 4/4 order there to restore peace and happiness. Now the people of the Guv' are free from the burden of Funky/Dirty/Nasty/Feet Moving/Non-4/4 Breaks...

Way to go Government... I mean Guvernent, no wait... Government... oh well there is no real difference...
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