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FOCUS - 4/6/02, Guelph - Scissorkicks, Czech, Robb G, Paladin

Robb G

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--+ Saturday, April Sixth, Two Thousand and Two...

--+ Shadowdance Productions brings a scene-driven event to Guelph

--+ We excitedly present:

--+( FOCUS )+--
--+( "An event focussed on the strength of our scene" )+--

For this two room event, we've brought in some of the finest talent we could find; putting it in a large, innovative venue. This event is truly designed for you, the mature partier looking for a creative event which will be like no other.

--+) The Main Room (+--

2 Wars & A Revolution, DAMN!
London, UK | Breaks and Such

This man is truly a force to be reckonned with in the breaks community. Known as a production pioneer, he comes to us straight from a recording gig on the 2 Wars and a Revolution label. When interviewed by Eye Magazine in Toronto last year, he was asked what beat junkies would miss if they didn't check his performances. His reply? "... some beefy breaks-infused house, some ridiculous old tracks, mixed in by force, if necessary." It doesn't get much better than this.

-+ CZECH +-
Futuristic Funk Records, DAMN!
Vancouver, CA | Funky Breaks

A Canadian legend, Czech has been around for longer than most can remember -- a staggering thirteen years. He has been the driving energy behind the infamous Soul Kitchen night on the West Coast for the past seven years. In his many travels, he has headlined alongside acts such as The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Orbital, Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon; just to name a few. This is a man who needs little introduction in our scene, so we'll let his beats speak for him.

-+ PALADIN 5.0 +-
Unknown, DAMN!
Parts Unknown | Hard and Dark

We are exceptionally pleased to bring the return of Paladin to the 519. Arriving directly at the Guelph Inter-Stellar Spaceport for this special date, the costumed alien from another world comes armed with some of the phattest, darkest, and hardest tracks to be heard this side of Alpha Centauri.

-+ SOS +-
Sounds of Sugoi, TTC, DAMN!
Toronto | Insanity Trance

The Toronto master of building up a crowd to a veritable frenzy, SOS absolutely tore the roof off last year at Spectrum. We have the privilege of bringing him back for another beat blazing set, in his own signature style.

-+ ROBB G +-
Promo Records, Eastern Bloc, PPM
Toronto | Breaks

Robb will be opening the night at this event, laying down a set which all others of the night will be measured against. His career is gaining speed, and his performances are a showcase of quality. This will be his first Guelph event, and we're proud to have the honor of bringing him here for his debut.

--+) The Wellington Room (+--


Serenity Crew, Funk in Fusion

Ecclectic Beats

Linx, Baseline

-+ ODD MYTH +-
Baseline, Deep Forest Grooves
House and Such

-+ DEENO +-
Bloom!, Spirit Sound
Soulful House

Gryphon Place Studios
Live PA

-+ DODECA +-
Live Djembe


-+ Ticket Info +-

+ $20 early bird (in Guelph only);
+ $28 week of;
+ $more at the door, if available.

Available by week's end at:

+ Mudshark/Baseline, Guelph, 31 Wyndham St., 519.836.9426
+ Speed, Kitchener, 26 King St. E, 519.576.4041
+ From Mars, London, 344 Richmond St., 519.438.6277
+ Dr. Disc, Hamilton, 20 Wilson St., 905.523.1010
+ Eastern Bloc, Toronto, 336 Yonge St., 416.593.4355

+ Believe it or not, almost the entire bulk of ticket sales will go right back into this event. This event is scene-driven, for partiers, by partiers. We want to put together the best, most innovative, most creative event possible in FOCUS. Making a buck is not included in this philosophy. As support grows, we'll release more about the efforts and projects going on at this event.

-+ Other Info +-

+ This event is licensed and 19+. ID is required at the door.
+ Fruit and catering by Parastrike.
+ Live art made throughout the night by University of Guelph Fine Art students.
+ Large, innovative venue released on the net and infoline 24hrs prior.
+ Many other goodies, efforts, and treats to be released as the date draws nearer.

+ Shadowdance is considering a shuttle bus from all points west of Guelph (Windsor, London, St. Catherine's, etc.) This will be based on interest. Please email us at shadowdance@rogers.com with your name, phone number, and email address if interested. Cost to you would be minimal - we just want to see people out.

-+ 24hr info at: 519/658-8945 (up soon)
-+ Official info web: www.guelphcrew.org
-+ Email: shadowdance@rogers.com

That's all we've got for now. On behalf of Shadowdance, consider this your personal invitation to our craziest event to date. I hope to see you there!

Take care,
Andrew -//-- Dodeca
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