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Focus 2 Wars CD Release


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I really really hope Incredible Melting Man was good! I say this because I had to jet before he came on because SOME PEOPLE CAN'T HANDLE THEIR FUCKING DRUGS and for some reason need my help...sheesh. Well besides the somewhat interesting door escapades, I was really diggin' KICK and her opening set.

Thank you D-Monic for the list and CD.
Thank you mr. Guv security man for letting me in earlier than allowed
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Great night!

A little slow early on, but Charlies filled up nicely. First time seeing The Incredible Melting man and I must say he threw down!

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It was my first time making it out to this night, I liked Charlie's because of the intimate and stylish atmosphere.

Kick's set was fucking awesome, it was only the second time I've seen her and it left me wanting more, sweet mixes and great tracks. IMM started things off in a big way, but I had to leave early because the birthday boy of the night was having troubles standing up.

Not getting a copy of the CD was a let down, but I'll just wait for the official release date at 2theBeat I suppose. Good night overall.