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~FOCUS 1 Year @ Charlies~


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Had to represent... great beats all night long, Dan you were playing some wicked oldies :D Nice vibe, lots of new faces (which is always nice) Ventured into the Guv to see the pudding/wrestling fight...wow! Gunny I am banning myself from drinking with you ever again :p Thanks for everything Daniel, you are truly an inspiration to us all.

Happy 1 Year Focus!

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Jay P

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I was working upstairs at the drink
I made a quick apperence to charlies...
Dan was spinning some wicked beats!!

Happy 1 year :)
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Yes Angus, let's see 'em... I got my ass up on one of the dancing stages to take a few for him (...my life will never be the same after that :p)



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I can't believe I missed the wrestling!!!


anyhow....happy 1 Year FOCUS!!
T'was a rockin party with tunes to match. I was impressed by Optimus Prime! He played a lot of tunes I reaaaally like and dont hear too often...slick mixing too.

D-Monic killed it too...for almost 4 hours....took em from one place to another...