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flying solo...


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does anyone ever go to the club(s) alone? nights of solitude and dancing? i am just curious/nosey since most people tend to travel in packs. i've done it a couple of times and it was an alright experience for the most part.
i love going solo

more freedom

but if the music sucks, it can get boring (and that's when i go home)

otherwise, i highly recommend it

<-- loner:D (NOT)
interesting question!

i've always wondered if people actually do that

i've thought about doing it many times and dismissed the notion because i didn't really think anyone did it, and that it would make me look sort of pathetic.
I do it more then I should, but I usually run into people I know.

there has been times before where I have went the whole night without running into people and it wasnt as good.
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i prefer doing stuff like that by myself. but if the music sucks than it is really no fun. i usually end up ditching my friends at a club anyways so going solo isn't that muc of a stretch.
Technically, I've gone to clubs/parties alone quite a bit....but I know there's gonna be people there I know, so it's all good:)

i've done it many times.... even driven out of town by myself to go out, but then again like others said i know i'll usually run into someone i know... i'd rather be out on my own enjoying music than sitting around bored at home
I used to when I was 18.. you always run into people you know so eventually you're not partying alone. but it can be fun..
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Originally posted by synistre

sometimes i just wander and end up in a place i had no idea existed.

Good metaphor for living a fun life ^^

I went clubbing alone in Europe a few times, but not so much here anymore - there's usually someone to run into or make a brand new friend in the club...
i used to show up at raves on my own..

but it's the same as what everyone here said..i'd always run into friends or make them when i got there, so i wasn't alone for long..
I did it once and it was one of the best party experiences ever for me! I do a lot of stuff solo... mostly mushrooms and masturbation though...

flying solo

I've gone many times
And i don't mind as long as mentioned before that the music is good and the vibe rocks.
If not
then it can suck
and again as mentioned, u usually meet friends or folks u know, soo its all good
and the most important thing, it teaches urself to be independent and to have fun on ur own.
My thing is that if i go alone, I dont have to worry about others having a good time, and i can leave when ever i want. i dont have to worry about me wanting to stay or leave or others
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I find it's the best way to go out and really have fun, no obligations of other people. No leaving to early because of someone else, no staying late because someone else want's to stay, it's easier to meet other people.

All the time. I love dancing on my own and when I want to talk I always meet great people. Perhaps they see that I'm alone and strike up a conversation. Whatever the reason I usually have a good time.

Solo = no compromises; you can go where ya wanna, whenever ya wanna. I often go out alone, whether at home or out of town. If I don't bump into friends, I usually make new acquaintances without trying -- that just sorta happens on its own somehow...
- Greg
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Yeah, once in a while...I often work late (past midnight) so if I want to hear some good music and my friends are already out or committed for the night, I'd do it.

Plusses: can meet new people easier, and often with my friends there's a dynamic where we end up partying harder than we should or go to several places, whereas by myself I tend to just hit one place, see what's it like, and then leave with a sense of satisfaction just because I've gone to a place by myself and had a decent time.

Negatives: if doing chemicals and on a bad thought pattern, there ain't nobody there to lean on or cheer you up.

On the whole, I'm more into the shared experience these days...any night of the year there's something going on, so I have less of a feeling that I'm missing out on something.
a few times, but I knew I would be meeting friends there. I don't think I'd go out completetly by myself. Its mainly driving home to ajax at 5am that I don't like.

Peace & love. D
just about every time i go out anymore i'm alone. my wife doesn't really dig the rave/club scene anymore, and my other (london) friends aren't much into dancing either. so i head out alone.

sometimes it bothers me that i'm not out with my friends going bonkers, but like people have mentioned, you tend to meet new friends. ;)

i intend to continue doing this for a very long time. i want to be the old creep alone at the back of the club that people point and giggle at. it would seem to follow with my lifestyle.... :p
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