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FLStudio and Mac


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So I'm starting to get my new macbook setup for audio. On my windows machine, i've always used FLStudio for creating loops. Since I've been using the program for years, I've got my workflow down to a science. Unfortunately FLStudio does not make a version for Mac. Has anyone run FLStudio using either Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion? Alternately, does anyone know of a mac program that is similar to FLStudio. I just need a similar layout and function to FLStudio's step sequencer.

any help would be appreciated.

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i've never touched flstudio but you may want to check out renoise. doesn't really work for me but you may like it. i would say just switch to live but i know at least 10 other people will chime in to say that anyway.

i would stay away from running audio apps through parallels or vmware since os x already has great audio support through coreaudio and i'm not sure how it would communicate with an emulator. it would probably work but it just seems like you're looking for trouble. either make a dual boot if you must stay with fruity loops or switch to something else.

there's also a lot of good open source stuff out there right now. i've been seriously considering going down that road for a while just to avoid being a slave to apple.


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thanks syntax.

i do use live. i've just never liked using it for composing. I find it much slower then flstudio in that aspect. I use it for sequencing and live applications.


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if u have an intel mac you can install windows on a seperate partition via bootcamp. I'm running both leopard and xp and to be honest xp is running way smoother than any pc i've ever used.