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Floor Plans of TV Shows Dwellings !!!

glych t.anomaly

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Floor Plans Of Homes From TV Shows - Business Insider





The Simpsons


Main Floor


2nd FLoor

these are pretty well done !

quite cute and entertaining.

Too bad it doesnt give the square footage and relative cost for the dwellings at the time.

would be interesting to see if they are bigger/smaller, and the cost related to shows that were on 30 + years ago to more current shows.
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glych t.anomaly

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I know right hahahahaha !

i was like -_-

family room, living room, i guess if i had paid better attention, but i havent watched a simpsons ep in YEARS !


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Never realized the simpsons had two living rooms

I was trying to think of an episode where they showed the back one. I think they do in the episode where Homer eats the poison blowfish. When he's up late in the morning I think he's sitting in the arm chair by the window...


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The family and tv rooms in The Simpsons are two of the most used rooms!

Ahh that back room! Yeah can't remember seeing that one!
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le bricoleur

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The backroom in The Simpsons also makes an appearance in the episode Three Men And A Comic Book.

The boys are camping out in three house, it starts raining and Marge asks Homer to check on them. He's sitting in the back room and says "they're fine," meanwhile you can see them fighting through the window.

I'd like to know what's sitting in the middle of the garage on that floor plan. Is it a bar? I vaguely remember an episode when Homer opens a bar in the garage.