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Flipsides' Circus

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by DJNMAC, Dec 11, 2000.



    For those of you who were there last night what did you think?

    I have to admit this whole live PA and acts is really catching on. This was their first time performing together and I have to say they put on a sick show.
    As for Flipside, well it was Flipside, he has his good and bad qualities. I'll start with the bad, he hogged the fucking decks. Paranoid Jack was standing beside him for almost an hour waiting to go on, as were we. Unfortunately he never did. Second about halfway through his set he starts busting out some MCing to weak ass DnB sounds. The whole crowd was like what are you doing? Oh yeah and if I hear One More Time by Daft Punk one more time Im gonna throw up. They even played it in the main room I think I heard it 3 times that night, oh well.
    There were a lot of good points, you have to love how much Flipside biggs up Canada and Toronto and our whole scene here. He may have sold out to Energy but I have to give respect to the guy. About 50% of the records he spun were produced by homegrown talent. He kept pointing it too I love it. He even played Paranoid Jacks New one as well as Hatiras's own remix of spaced invader. All in all sweet ass up lifting pounding house set that we have come to expect from Flipside.
    The vibe was sweet as it usually is in The Purple room. It may not be Turbo but for a Waterloo club that otherwise sucks, you gota love the purple room.
    8.5 / 10

  2. SyKicK

    SyKicK TRIBE Member

    I just have to ask something..how did Flipside sell out to Energy? Just because he works there doesn't mean he is a sell out. Dj's need day jobs too. And it's not like if you listen to "rave music" you can't like other styles of music. No one makes fun of Dr.Trance for doing radio work. I just think it's dumb.

    But hey what do I know

    SPACEDUST New Member

    What really makes me sick is when people dont know what they are talkin about how can Flipside be a sell out,because he works on Energy 108 that is so stupid to say,that is a big time radio station that everyone respects,dont you think the djs that play on 100.7 or 1groove would rather play on Energy108 so more people can hear them DJNMAC,I really dont think you even know what a sellout is.


    You guys will never understand the true meaning of underground and whats it's all about. Selling out to a commercial station like 108 is the worst possibly thing any underground artist of DJ can do. Fuck money its about the music. If you don't undersatnd that then maybe you should turn your energy radio up a little higher, cause you're a bunch of sellouts too.
  5. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    if you love it enough to do it for a living, it's about both.
  6. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    Yes, I agree it's about the music. But at the same time, tell that to the artist that can't put food on the table cuz he's "Keepin' it real".

    Algorithm, @m and I were having this discussion on Saturday, and Jeff made a good point. You're not a sellout if you don't alter your musical styles to appeal more to the public. I agree 100%.

    -- Jay aka Fut


    Thats exactly what a sell out is. There is a huge underground market and if the music you love belongs then that is where it should stay. Altering your own taste and passion for music thats selling yourself out it's even worse.
    This thread was supposed to be about the way his performance at teh Purple Room, and as usuall we got off topic. That is fine it's kinda the whole point of message boards.
    All I ment to say is that Flipside is good enough to be underground and if he had not of SOLD OUT to energy then he would be playing more parties. When was the last time you saw his name on a bill. Noone wants him because he sold out Period.


    SPACEDUST New Member

    So you know that in the UK they have a top 40 radio station during the day and at night people like Sen Fontain,Paul Van Dyk,Tall Paul,Carl Cox and even Timo Maas have shows on a top 40 radio station in the UK ,so DJNMAC I guess all those djs are sell outs too...hmm I dont think so.
  9. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    actually what futronic was saying was that as long as an artist DOESN'T alter their musical styles to appeal to the public then that person wouldn't be considered a sell out. eitherway, whether flipside did or didn't sell out is irrelevant. neither of us live his life or pay his bills so who are we to talk.

    as for you rlast comment...the reason why flipside hasn't been booked in toronto is because he's touring with freaky flow. last time i heard, they had just returned form japan a few weeks ago. i'd say he's doing pretty well for himself.
  10. DaOne

    DaOne TRIBE Promoter

    Flippy is almost impossible to get for local gigs on weekends.
  11. johnny_fever

    johnny_fever TRIBE Member

    If a dj has creative control over the gig he/she has "sold-out" to then I dont think its selling out. How about "educating those lacking in underground music knowledge" for the defining phrase.

    A total sellout would be for example: A trance dj taking accepting a gig, finding out the promoter/club owner wants him/her to spin hip hop.......and the dj aggreeing to do so.

    I guess its a fine line we dare not cross


    ps meh, i dont know where im going with this
  12. kyfe

    kyfe TRIBE Member

    the reality kids is this simple
    you have to sell out.. this is how you make money, people like us get jealious because we take pride in our culture, but remember this... ask a sell out what they really do musically... the stuff you don't hear,
    oh you'd be suprise especially when you find out your underground isn't underground @ all but reather the next big thing, this is pretty much universal, none call madonna a thief for incorporating it into pop culture are deep dish sell outs because they remixed it???

    check yourself...

  13. DJNMAC


    You know I had forgotten about this tread. However I was thinking about it and I have to change my opinion. I think it's better that we can hear the music we want on the radio. I love turning on my radio and hear some phat beats. I have to agreee with futronic if you can keep your style, genrally speaking, then it doesn't matter where or when you play. I would like to appologize to Flipside, because I realized that although you were working for 108 you still played the songs you wanted to play (I hope).

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