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Flippy in 7.0.5.


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So we stagger into the Roxx (in Barrie) at our normal entry time (1 am) expecting to here some pretty casual house in the Boiler room per norm...

Instead we see a guy in a modrobes t-shirt bopping around to some pretty hard tech-house. After some confused looks among friends...it was discovered that it was Flipside on the decks.

So we purchased some Revs and hit da floor.....


Its nice to see a DJ who actually feeds off the crowd rather than just stand at the decks with a "im better than u" attitude.

Its not like this is the first time we've seen the man spin....but at the Roxx it was nice to see someone on the decks who loved the music as much as the people dancin on the floor!

All I know is that if u werent moving to his set...your legs must have been amputated.

It was very apparent tonite that Flippy has an excellent knowledge of dance music and knows how to play to a crowd.

Good times by all!



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sorry i missed this one, had a bday to attend to here in TO. but i know flippy can work it...
glad you had fun guy...

why doesn't anyone ever post about barrie?
ps-it's a goldmine u know