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FLIM - Yed Ped Thai techno


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YED PED in thai mean @#nuck a duck


1. Stop The Revolution - Meat Katie, D.Ramirez,Odissi ,Dubfire - LOT49
2. Blue Yonder - Ida Engberg - Drumcode
3. In Your Heart - Marco Ferrantelli - Alchemy (Italy)
4. We Share Our Mother,s Health - The knife- Trentemoller Remix
5. Plastic Dreams - JaydeeKoen Groeneveld Remix - Spinnin Records
6. New Planet- FLIM- Mutate To Survive
7 .Press My Button - FLIM, Jane Void - 6N7
8. Inambulatio - Cari Lekebusch - H-Productions
9. Like Before- Sebastien Leger - Mistakes Music
10. RZ Fun - Tony Rohr ,Cari Lekebusch,s Remix- H-Productions
11. 777- FLIM - 6N7
12. The Spur Of The Moment - Pattrix, FLIM,s Remix - Mutate To Survive
13. New Recipe - Paco Osuna - Mindshake Records
14. Always Something Better- Trentemoller- Poker FlatRecordings
15. Spec Ops Two - Lutzenkirchen- Great Stuff Recordings
16. Positive Education- Slam- Soma Records
17.Legacy - Yousef, Derrick Carter- Renaissance (PIAS)
18.Crowded Room- Slam - Drumcode
19.Legally Boston- Lutzenkirchen- Platform B
20.Before Now - Kromatik
21. Pad Thai- FLIM - 6N7
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Nice !! Krystof. i miss you.
who eles enjoy the mix. don't be afraid or shy to comment like krystof :eek:
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