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FLIM : Hard Acidy Funky Pounding & Spicy ,Techno : Yummy!!


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Hello everyone ,,welcome to my spicy techno,,if you like it hard or funky ,,may be give it to try,, don't ask for hot sauce because it's already spicy as it is!!:D :D :D click the link below to taste the spice!!!

The mix is 60 mins long.. and Thankyou Embryon for hosting this mix:D :D

and here is all the ingredients ( Track listing:D )

1. Original Control : D.A.V.E the Drummer And D.D.R.
2. Code Breaker : Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri. Alchemist E.P.
3. SILKE Original Mix : Dj PREACH !!!
4. The Night : D.A.V.E the Drummer
5. Merman Space Orgy : GUY " Voodoo " McAffer
6. Rough Ronson : ROWLAND The BasTaRD
7. Creatures : Tom Hades
8. Major Disturbance : BK & D.A.V.E the Drummer
9 " NEW Time New Place " : Mauro Picotto
10. R47 : Tomhades
11. " Break Um " Alex Calver
12. " GOODTIMES REMIXEs : Chris Liberator+ The Geezer's : Funky Hard Bassline mix
13. Raw 021 : Guy Mcaffer
14. " It's like That " LENNY DEE vs The Shredder
15. Tribute To Senor Zorbas : Mario Ranieri
16. Fiction : Frank BiaaZzI
17. Time Travel : Alex Calver And Sol Roy
18. Hydrolix 13.4 Remixes : PATRICK DSP + DJ PAUZE
19. Hydrolix 26 : D.A.V.E. the DrummEr + Chris Liberator
20. Pontape : Renato Cohen
21. Squat Attack : Jeff Amadeus
22. ELMO SONG : Even Wittekind
23. Funky ' Funeral Song E.P " Julian Liberator & Henry Cullen
24. Cyber : Steve + Ant
25. Ze Frenchman : D.A.V.E the Drummer and D.D.R
26. K-U-me D.A.V.E the Drummar!!!! ( again) hee hee

peace to all ,,hope ya all like it hard..
Hard please !!! Give it to me Give it to me !!!!:eek:
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anyone dowload the mix? just wondered if some of the hard techno core ,,around this borad,technics1200 hee hee,,


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awesome awesome.. i'm glad that you like it banging!!;) more mix coming soon ,,,for you my bro!!!
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