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flights to Jordan, what to do, etc etc etc


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I'm considering the possibility to presenting a paper in Jordan in the summer. Obviously, if I go, I'd like to stay longer and do stuff once I lose the suit.

How much are tickets (return), cost of doing shit?

Also, accomodations in Amman...are they very pricey?

oh and also...do they have trance in Jordan?
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I'm by no means a pro photographer...here are a few shots from Jordan...









Wadi Rum



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You just want to control me like all my other wifes!

You and the rest of those bitches can go to hell - I'm going to start a new harem!


*Fires AK-47 in air*
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You can't cook, can't clean, and you suck at milking my goat.

(Did he mean goat as in animal? or his penis...? hahaha-lol-roflmao---)

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Hamza said:
your mom tells me the same thing.

No, she wouldn't.

Stephen, you're an asshole. Do you ever stop?

Hamza, my friend, you should absolutely go. It would be a great trip. And presenting a paper! You're brilliant.


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No, no funding. I already finished grad. school. I'm thinking of presenting this just for fun. I did a presentation earlier this year in Ontario, but I want to test it out in the international community.

So, I'm a free agent right now. I can't get funding from work...because well...the topic of the paper is sensitive and there is no way the gov't would let me go and give a talk on thier dime on a topic like this.

Trying to build up a portfolio so I can go back to do more grad. work in a few years.

Lovely N Amazin

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that's cool that you're taking the initiative! the financial aspect of publishing really opens your eyes to the fact that quite often the flow of ideas in academic circles is not as unrestricted and inclusive as we'd like ... you should throw a fundraising party or something. good luck :)
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