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Flight School

Ditto Much

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So being that I'm currently living in one of the least entertaining areas of North America I have decided to look into getting a private pilots license. I was wondering if there were any tribers out there who had done this that might be able to give me a run down of there experiences.

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Ditto Much

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kyfe said:
JIhad, sorry I just wanted the RCMP to look into this thread

doesn't matter I'm in the USA and the FBI already has a file on me, might as well make it interesting to read. Hmm so far...

Showed up at border with job and resume
waited a month and applied for SSN
left country
came back
changed name and re-applied for SSN
Issued SSN next day got drivers license in Nebraska
waited 4 week registered car
applied for FAA flight clearance

seems prefectly normal to me....