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Fliering in TO - Join Paradigm's Street Team $12/Hour + Bonus's


TRIBE Member
We are looking for some dedicated people to do late night fliering and promotions for the Paradigm Street Team.

If interested, shifts usually/can run sun-thu 12-3 and fri/sat 3-7 on averge.

I pay my team $12/hour + Bonus's
Bonus's include:
-Entrance into any of the events which we are fliering for, i.e. paradigm or your events +few friends
-Opportunity if fliers are used as "guest list or reduced" at the door to take a small cut of each flier returned, ie $.50-2.
-Small "petty cash" budget to get a coffee or bite to eat while working shifts longer then 3 hours.

If your interested or would like to get some more info, catch me barry.rooke@paradigmunited.com or msn DJ_Ampz@hotmail.com

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