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flavours that don't mix


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everyone knows the classic example of brushing your teeth and then discovering that orange juice tastes really bad.

and i find that if i am drinking carlsberg (my fav) then switch to anything else that is not a pilsner lager, the new beer tastes like ass. although this may be true of any beer.

but i just discovered a new one, i took a sip of diet pepsi (yum!) then a sip of my timmy's coffee. not good!!! somehow the aftertaste of the pepsie gave the coffee the taste of peat moss. yucky. yucky. ewwww. :(

anybody else discovered any flavour bombs out there?


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I tried orange juice and coffee together on Sunday at the behest of someone else and it was ass.


Also, the taste of my mom's ass on my dad's cock is REALLY bad. :eek: :p

Yes, I am sick.. -ening.
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Originally posted by Rosey

you never ate dirt? :eek:

not in like 20 years.. sheesshhh. :p

I took a sip of coffee the other day followed by a sip of beer 11:30am in the local Univeristy bar and gaged for about 20 min.. :)

The Watcher

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Peanut Butter and Pickles.... not so good.

Chocolate Milk and Tequila... Not so good

Joe Louie and Pepsi... Not so good(Even though I am french)

Fuggeos dipped in Sour Cream and Onion Chip Dip... Not so good.

-Nickers - What will I try next?
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Originally posted by JayIsBored
haha it's scary when 2 minutes is a long time
[insert obvious joke about sex life here]

I meant for all the responses to be posted before basic's
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Originally posted by SUNKIST
they go good with being drunk, sitting on your floor and eatting them out of the jar :)

Now I want some pickles


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milk and cigarettes
strawberry quik and anything
garlic and herb cream cheese on a blueberry bagel
chocolate chips and bagels
cheddar cheese and pizza
fried eggs and red wine.


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Originally posted by sugar

But only Kosher Dills, not your nasty Bick's
if i hear one more thing about Kosher pickles...SOMEONE BRING SOME OVER!!! WHAT THE HELL? WHO EATS KOSHER PICKLES?

deep...sucker. you'll eat those pickles, and you'll like them.


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aww i wanted to say nuts and gum

how about...

lime and salad...?
sunkist and i went to dinner the other day and i got some lime salad crap thing for my salad

it was pretty assy
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