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DJs United Inc

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Due to a mis-communication between the management of Surface nightclub... We are sorry to announce that FLAVA SATURDAYS has been cancelled for the Christmas Season. It was brought to our attention this past Wednesday, that the club has booked out Surface Nightclub for a private corporate function for the following Saturday dates:

1. Saturday, December 15th 2001

2. Saturday, December 22nd 2001

3. Saturday, December 29th 3001

4. Saturday, January 5th 2001

...We at DJ's United are extremely disappointed in this. We would like to extend our deepest apologies to those who were looking forward to FLAVA this Saturday and we want to extend a maximum boost to everyone who came out over the past 3 weeks and represented proper inside the FLAVA.

This is NOT the end of the FLAVA MOVEMENT! We are definitley confirming a return in the New Year with a BIG BANG!

Anyone wishing to express their sentinments may do so by emailing us at:


Stay posted for further updates...

On behalf of DJ's United Inc.: Marcus, Lush, Everfresh, Ruckus, Natural & Caddy... BIG UP!