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Flava Saturday (Dec. 8th): A great new DnB night


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Very, very impressed. I'd definately go again.

Tunes: Great programming and DJ selection. All genres of DnB/Jungle were represented on Sat...soulful right down to the dark and dirty
Heard some new stuff too, which was a pleasant surprise.

Damn!!!! Bling, bling, TO's finest come in...very impressive. Only problem/complaint...NO ONE DANCES. This was my first Flava, so maybe this was the odd night out, but aside from my friends and I no one danced (save a couple...and I mean a couple). It was great for room to dance, but it was like we were on showcase or something, because the rest of the place was packed. Oh yeah! No Jungle thugs to deal with, no attitude, all SMILES = good times.

Venue: I really like Surface. It's a great cross b/n a club and lounge. It's small and intimate so you can dance it up or you can chill on the couches. In addtion, cover is pretty cheap and drink prices are average. Only complaint...gets a little hot when you're dancing, due to the size of the club and low ceilings (but it's not that bad).

All in all, if you're a DnB purist or just someone intersted in seeing what it's all about, Flava Saturday's are a gauranteed good time...even my house head friends were loving it!


DJ Doublecross

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Agreed, awesome night. Drum n bass is no longer an intimidating experience. I think anyone could go to this night and feel comfortable.

And the best part? free cookies!



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Agreed - this night is sweet. very mature croud(older people that wear a of of black, don't dance very well, drink a lot and but smile smile smile) and let me mention the ladies were HOT HOT HOT

music was good... some nice tunes
the MC, of which I forget who it was, was very minimal, knew when to shut up and let the music go... nice one

got jipped of the T-Shirt, i danced more than anyone - asshole.


lovin Flava over here
thanx for a great night to all my friends!