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flatscreen LCD monitors?

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I have a samsung 151s. I love it. Its the best monitor I have ever had. Plus you can pivot it, to make reading tribe easier(less scrolling)


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I got it from MDG computers in Mississauga, when I got my new computer. How much?... I can't remember. I put it on credit card. So, I didn't bother to ask. I think it was $400 on top of the monitor that was included in the package(17" .20 DPI). But, I'm not sure.

TaCk OnE?

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the mac ones were just beautiful when I looked into them...but 19 or 21 inch was over 2000 dollars...so, I just got a flat trinitron.

they're still too new.
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I have a Sony CPD-L181A, I paid more than a P4 system for it 3 years ago....

It has surely saved my eyes from burning and watering over that time...

at the studio we are running 17" IBM flatscreen LCDs...