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Fitness One Gym- reviews


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Hello there,

my wife is thinking about joining this all-women's gym, we went for a tour (but they didnt let me actually take the tour with them as its an all women's gym)

they seem pretty cool and the prices are great!

anybody have any experience with this gym?
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I go to this gym and I am know there are a few more chiquitas that go there too...

The #1 best thing about this gym is the price - cant beat it!
Its kinda ghetto looking (mainly the changerooms)but I have never had to wait for a machine and I like that its all ladies...

free training sessions are also a bonus even though im not sure how qualified the trainers are...oh yeah the classes are free too and they have some good ones

hope this helped


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I had a bit of a bad experience but it worked out in the end.

I signed up at the Dufferin Mall location and paid my first/last and initiation fee and because i didnt have my blank cheque to set up automatic withdrawl I was sent on my way with no receipt to return with that info.

that night I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau and all of their locations have a negative rating. (I imagine all gyms would) I decided if i was going to pay money to a gym i would personally rather give it to the Y or the JCC which while more expensive would be less of a hassle.

I went back the next day and filled out the cancellation form (it was gyms that actually changed the contract law to allow you to back out in 5 days) and was told my refund would be there in 20 business days and my membership would not be processed

Three weeks later I phoned to see if my cheque was in and they said no and after looking up my name said it can take 4-6 weeks. 2 weeks later they phoned me to tell me my membership card was there I said "you mean refund cheque" they said "uhhhhhhhh" and told me that the cheque should still be coming. 2 weeks later I went in personally and asked and as soon as they called my name up the screen lit up and it said I was delinquent 1 payment. I freaked because at no point in any of my other calls where they did look up my name was it mentioned that my membership hadnt been cancelled. They told me to come back and see a manager with my proof of cancellation form. When I did they told me that there was no way they could help me and I had to contact head office.

So I wrote a letter describing the entire situation sent a copy to both head office and the location via registered mail and faxed a copy to the head office.

they phoned right away and sent me my refund cheque off handedly saying that its just hard to keep track of 50000 customers.

now take that however you will. Many people will say that you should just expect this from gyms. I dont know.

I still pop in to check that my membership is actually cancelled because this sort of thing can damage your credit rating

sorry about the rant... as far as the gym is concerned they didnt seem to have a huge selection of free weights... but they had tons of equipment and so it doesnt look like you ever have to wait in line.


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i go there and it is super cheap, but it is so ghetto. for the price, you can't really expect much. the changerooms are horrendous. the class schedule is very minimal since they only have one instructor on staff at my location.
but i always get a cardio machine and/or weight machine and the classes i have been to are allright.

i wouldn't trust their trainers as far as i can throw them tho, since i always see a bunch of them outside my location smoking and eating chocolate bars. not the ideal role model.

anyhoo, for the price is good. but i go elsewhere for spinning, pilates and yoga. so if you are looking for a gym that has everything, this ain't it.


p.s. anyone have their head office contact info? i need to cancel my membership because i'm moving.
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Jonny Thrice

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my g/f also used to be a mamber at the Dufferin Mall gym. It was ghetto, but at $16/month, it was fine for her!

She has since moved in with me in MTL, and luckily, there is a "Femme Fitness" about a block away from us (Fitness One in Quebec), and shes able to use her membership here ;) Actually, the one that she goes to now is quite nice, much nicer than the gym I go to, of which is double the price.


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mcbee said:
p.s. anyone have their head office contact info? i need to cancel my membership because i'm moving.

Fitness One for Women
201 King St
London Ontario
N6A 1C9

thats the address... Ive lost the phone number/fax number but they gave it to me when I phoned the location.


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I went to Fitness One at the Dufferin Mall and though it was cheap, I had some huge gripes about it. If your wife plans on only using the weights and machines, than its fine but don't join if she wants to take classes. They are laughable. If your wife doesn't mind that the "fitness instructors" with poo-sicle lips sit around doing nothing but drinking coffee, than go for it. At exactly the one year mark I went in to cancel my membership and they refused to do it, saying that I had 6 months left on my contract. I asked the manager to check with VISA when my first payment started and sure enough, I was right. They are shady, at best

To be fair, I do hear that the Fitness One at Yonge and Bloor is much much better.


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Im a member and I started out at Dufferin Mall. I can't tell you how many problems I had with them...to the point where I was really upset. The Staff were rude and contradicted each other and I didnt know who to believe. Frustrated, I walked into the Peter and Richmond location, and it was like night and day. I like the downtown location SOOOO much better. Its big, clean and the equipment is a lot newer. The staff were 200% better. There seems to be a big staff turnover at all locations though, so sometimes if you find a "trainer" who actually knows what shes talking about, she may not be there for long.

Also, Ive met one of the owners, and I told him all about my issues with Dufferin Mall. Good to hear I wasnt the only one complaining.

All in all, I still go, but I dont count on them for much.

Good luck!
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haha i beieve i said this somewhere else but seriously, monkeys could do a better job than the 'personal trainers'. i had one monkey try to get me to do a set of something like 50 back extensions holding a 10lb weight after i told her i was just coming off of an SI injury. needless to say i have 9 of my remaining 10 sessions remaining.

otherwise, i like the gym.. the price is certainly right and it's ghetto but good enough. i go to the main st. one which i've heard is a lot nicer than the yonge st. one. fairly nice equipment, lots of it.


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I go to Peter/Richmond...as others have said, you can't beat $16/month. They have lots of equipment and I've never had to wait. But I have a number of complaints about the place...

-incompetent staff: when a new class was set up (using those inflatable balls, and they only had a limited number), each employee told us something different about a sign-up sheet...somehow my friends and I ended up on different lists. I made a point of calling early in the morning to get on the list and when I got to the class after work, that particular list had disappeared and there was no equipment for me to use. I talked to the manager and she got really defensive..."I'm sorry, but we're only human" etc. etc. and made no effort to rectify the situation for next time. I guess that's all you can expect for $16/month. The employees are terrible at communicating with each other, and no one seems to really give a shit. The managers are useless.

-high turnover: from month to month, there are brand new employees...so you feel like you can't really believe what anyone says about any policies. Like I said, the managers are useless, and I'm pretty sure I saw a new one last time I went.

-personal trainers: I haven't used one but my friends did and said they weren't very good. However, the sessions are included in your price, unlike other places.

-the condition of the washroom and changerooms: they look unfinished, sort of dirty and pretty ghetto overall.

-classes can get very full, very quickly at this particular location and there isn't enough equipment for everyone.

-some of the teachers aren't dependable...I've come for classes where the teacher didn't show up and no one knew where she was.

I've had no problems with them from a business/financial standpoint, but if your wife can afford somewhere better, I'd suggest that over this chain.


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even after you use your 10 sessions, you can sign up for as many more as you like, they don't keep track.