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Fishing Season Begin!

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Originally posted by gasper

It's neither duck season nor rabbit season....

it's wabbit season!!
Actually you skipped most of the joke.

Let's skip ot the punch line.
It's Elmer season.


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I remember fishing season. Hundreds of people invading Port Hope to camp out along the Ganny. Yuck. Deformed fish from the uranium processing plant. I never understood why people fished there.


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I used to love fishing when I was younger, but since I've grown up I've come to the conclusion that hooking and animal through the face and hualing out of the water to let it suffocate just isn't a very nice thing to do:(.


Destro Sanchez

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^^neither is raising cattle, poultry, pork, emu (etc) in jail cells, pumpin them full of 'roids and then slaughtering them as quickly as possible for $1.49 whopper juniors at Burger King.

got beef?

(if you're a vegan, then your fishing arguement holds up, if not then you're just makin yourself look like a hypocrite)

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