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first show of 2004 // another chapter


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Hi everyone. Happy new year, it's Vision back with my first message of the year.

and it goes like this:

Join us this weekend Saturday January 10th and keep us company as we kick of the first Hyp~Nod~Ic showcase for 2004 @ our resident spot // Down One Lounge (49 Front St. E ..just 20 steps west of Church St.)

Musical pleasures// non glossy Hip Hop / Trip Hop / and Cousins of

Live magic by the one and only Bryan the magic man.

and a ATARI 2600 that gets worked every Saturday...... courtesy of dj NV.

NO dress code/ and NO cover. (excluding special events)

For all those who have come out in the past to our shows, thank you. It's your continued support and love of the underground scene that keeps us ticking.For those who haven't, don't be shy make it a resolution to check out the show @ some point this year.

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