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first hardcore party in a loooong time...


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Snert Entertainment Presents...

"Eye Opener"

February 23rd - Buffalo, NY

Our New Years extravaganza, "A New Beginning" was one of the best Buffalo parties ever, we're set to open your eyes to bring you the best in happyhardcore and trance!

Spree (Minn) sonicfury.net
A return performance by one of the hardest working HHC performers. In the 4 years that Spree has been a DJ and Producer, he's painted smiles across the faces of thousands of kids at countless events all over North America. His remix of "Never Ending Story" is a crowd favorite everywhere.

SOS (Toronto) DAMN/TTC/A team/1groove.com
A legend in the area, and his first apperance since Groove Attack 2.0, get set for an old school hardcore set along with a hard trance set, that SOS is famous for.

Frisky & D-Minus (Toronto) ATM Prod./Hullabaloo
Making their debut in Buffalo, their amazingly produced tracks "Leave Me Waiting" and "I Will Be There" and DJ Frisky's ever popular remix of "Children of the Night" are known worldwide, these two are set to tear the roof off the venue, and rip shit up! Prepare yourself for the happiest, cheesiest musical journey of your life!

Dose The Alien (Binghamton) Protium Records/ UFO/ BUBBLE CREW/Intermission Management
A staple in the Upstate scen for over 7 years now and his first appereance in Buffalo in over a year. Dose has been one of the most influential trance DJ's in New York with a rare mix of techy trance and uplifting grooves.

MC Specs (Toronto) F3 Prod./RCMP Prod.
having rhymed for some of the best HHC talent: Brisk, Hixxy and Forces & Style, also at events such as Hullabaloo, WEMF, and F3 - he's known for his comical stage antics and quick rhymes. Now he's coming to Buffalo to show you the noise and the hype, buy him a drink as he celebrates his birthday!

Major Malfunction (Niagara Falls) Snert/Substance/Grooveshop/wnysor.net
leaving the booty house in the studio and set to spin a rare hhc set!

KandieVibes (Buffalo) vs kANDeKraver (Toronto)
this duo is set to make there dj debut and warm the party up proper!

Free Chupa Chups giveaways
Free giveaways from UFO and Dose the Alien
Vending by Sparkle Products - http://sparkles.purerave.com
Free candy bracelets and much more all night!
Special rare appearance by Waterboy in full gear!
Security done by Larry, PJ and the gang


All Ages
doors @ 10pm
$15 presale
$20 @ door
$25 Canadian w/ Canadian ID @ door

(presale tickets out in a week or two)

Powerhouse Pro DJ (716) 839-3585
3930 Harlem Rd
Buffalo, NY 14226

Skyhigh (585) 271-5750
610 Monroe Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607

Trash Queen (716) 883-7622
806 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222

Also at all Sparkle Booths in Toronto!

No Drugs/Thugs/Weapons/or Attitudes


We WILL be diving into our bag of suprises to transform the venue to give it a different look and feel, you will be amazed and blown away (and thats not just cheap hype!)

1063 Grant St
Buffalo NY

Take the 90 to the 290..
Get on the 33 towards Buffalo
Take the RT-198 WEST exit
Take the Grant St Exit, Approx 2.5 miles
Venue is on the right just past the first light.

East (Rochester)
Take the I-90 W
After toll, go left towards Buffalo
Take the 33 WEST exit, exit number 51W, towards BUFFALO
Take the RT-198 WEST exit
Take the Grant St Exit, Approx 2.5 miles
Venue is on the right just past the first light.

Peace Bridge, take the 190 North, get off at 198 Exit
Other Bridges, take the 190 South, get off at 198 Exit
Take the first exit for Grant St./Buff State
Turn Left at the light
Venue is past the 2nd set of lights on the Right

"Support Those That Support You"


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ooooooops... subject should've said "first hardcore party in Buffalo in a looooong time" my bad!