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First Contact - Ottawa Sept. 29th


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Okay, so we arrived at the party at around 12:30 maybe closer to 1:00 and they id'd us at the door to make sure we were older than 16, whcih was kinda cool to see, I have no problems with that. The party was being held at the Athletic Center...

We walk upstairs and get greeted by a swarm of guys that have to pat us down and check our bags... *forgetting that girls should be patting us down* and walk into the party.

The rooms were really small, and so poorly ventilated. There were two rooms, the Dark Room and the Light Room (I think that's what they were called) one room was playing Hardcore, and the other, Jungle, (The Jungle that was being pkayed was not at all the kind I enjoy hearing, just all those *womp womp* noises....) so we waited around switching from room to room until Pete's set (Subsonic Chronic) to bust a move... and holy hell did I ever. After DeaconBoombastardizer finished spinning his hardcore, everyone left the room, it was so disapointing to see but slowly as his set commenced and continued the room filled up with people bouncing around dancing their asses off...

so he slipped in a few goa tracks AND THE CROWD WENT CRAZY!!! it was so nice to see

But the room just kept getting hotter and hotter, and slowly people began to drop like flies, sitting by the walls, going outside to get some fresh air...

they should have had some fans. The coolest spot in the room was by the speaker where the bass was actually blowing air at us... strange.

Anyways, throughout the time that we were there I went outside with Shannon and Laura, and everytime we came back in the guys would pat us down and either not check our bags at all or even go so far as to just pat Shannon and let us all in... and they were nicely making sure to pat by our breasts.... grrr... so I mentioned something to one of the promotors, but he just went 'yah whatev'...

so annoying.

But It wasn't a total loss of an evening. I got to dance straight for a couple hours or so... then we left for fear of over heating.

I guess that's it... not such an amazing party...
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