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First concert

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Originally posted by ChrisD
Depeche Mode, Music for the Masses Tour, cant remember what year. I was a little Mongo then.
I think it was either late '87 or '88. @ Maple Leaf Gardens, right? I was there, great show.

My first concert was KISS @ MLG for their "Creatures Of The Night" tour in 1981. Not the original lineup (Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent replacing Criss/Frehley) but the last tour KISS would do in makeup prior to their reunion tours.

Lots of fun for an 11 year old. Had floors, got to run up to the front of the stage for most of the show, and had a big biker guy make sure I didn't get squashed at the end with everyone herding for the exits. Chaperoned by my 14 year old brother who was on acid. :D


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Originally posted by Stormshadow
I think my first concert was Neil Young, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden @ The CNE in '93.
I was with my dad...rock on pops.

I was at that show!!! You left out that Blues Traveller Opened. John popper was still in his wheelchair at the time. They were in thier prime. Ive seen them ten plus times since. Ive seen hundreds of shows some of the best include

Phish(just about anywhere Ive seen them) X15 -especially new years 2000 in florida

james brown x2
george clinton x2
pearl jam x3
allman brothers x7
grateful dead and incarnations x8
dave mathews x6 best was the concert hall in 96
neds atomic dustbin -their last show ever at the pheonix
frank black, they might be giants and frente
razkass, exhibit, and funkdoobiest at the roxy in LA-(eminem jumped the stage and started battling exhibit way before he was famous)
pink floyd
ray charles
janes addiction
porno for pyros x3
BELA FLECK and the FLECKTONES - for any of you who dont know find out!!!!! Probably the greatest instrumental act ever assembled!!!!
jethro tull
radiohead x3- I was at that rpm show for 12 bucks it was half empty
bb king x3
buddy guy x2
blind melon x3
lenny kravitz
lolapallooza 94, 95
warren haynes
kid koala
beasties x3
nin with marylin manson and jim rose circus side show
paul simon
crosby stills nash
EDENFEST- does anyone remember this wicked 3 day 60 band show?

great thread soooo many great memories (or lack of)


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So I realized just now after reading the replies, my post was in fact a sham all along. I just remembered I saw a Jurrasic 5 performance at the Kool Haus in Toronto a while back. It was a great show, but wasn't nearly as entertaining as the Nickleback concert, the lights and sound and effects made it what it was.

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KISS - Aug 4, 1979 War Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo. Original lineup, makeup. My 13-year-old brother bought 4 tickets for my Dad's b-day - "Happy Birthday Dad, you're taking us to see KISS!". They were in their comic book/meets the Phantom movie phase, so we weren't the only family there.


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My first concert was Michael Jackson - Thriller Tour (is that ever long ago now!!). That same year, I also saw Culture Club (eek!). Not much of a concert goer, though... since then I've been to see Pet Shop Boys twice, Super Furry Animals, and I think that's about it!!!

Oh, I also saw my boyfriend's band play once when we were in high school (said ex-boyfriend now posts here on Tribe, but I will keep his secret safe...)

j bunny 2000

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my first concert was the alternative nation tour in Hong kong when i was 14. I saw the foo fighters, sonic youth and the beastie boyzzz. Good show for a first timer.


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my first jam ever was to see the roots live with saukrates and the rascalz at the opera house.

back when I was in grade 11.
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Originally posted by rejenerate
1991 at the Concert Hall? That was my first "real" concert with friends.

Like juice, I was often taken to the Ontario Place Forum and Kingswood by my parents to see crap like the 1980s Beach Boys.


YES!!! :D It was in September if I remember correctly

"Right Here, Right Now
There is no other place I'd rather be"

LOL, I remember seeing the Monkey's at the Ontario Place Forum.

I wouldn't consider that my first concert tho ;)


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first concert: Metallica in 1991 at Copps Coloseum in Hamilton.
aw yeah! the black album tour.

rock on.


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I've been to way too many concerts.

First one was Pantera/Skid Row/Killer Dwarves in Grade 8.

First big one in Toronto was a few months later, Neil Young/Pearl Jam at Exhibition Stadium.


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My first concert was Candy and the Backbeat at the Opera house.. my brother won free tickets on CHUM FM and we both went to this show.. it sucked, but free was nice :)

My best concert experience to date was a Del the Funky Homosapien show at Reverb. This group Blackilicious, whom I had never heard of, were the opening act. They came on and literally TORE THE ROOF OFF THE REVERB. People were singing along to tunes they had never heard.. i jumped around and danced like a fucking lunatic that night.. and then Del (who was supposed to be the MAIN ACT) came on and everyone went home. *sigh* blackilicious has owned me since that day. I even bought their cd on the way to work the next morning.

I saw them again a year later, and while the show was better the second time (they brought Latife the Truth speeker this time), it just wasn't the same shock level as the first show.

other memorable concerts.. public enemy at opera house a few years ago. my friend knows the sound guy, so he let us onto the balcony to watch the show. flava flave came up there and stood next to us as he checked out the sound.. and we also got a few shots out "to the balcony massive" that night from chuck d.

i've seen the hip 7 times and never been disappointed..
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first concert: green day at maple leaf gardens, they made me throw out my projectile bag of doritos

but my favourite concert is still weezer at the phoenix in like 1997 or something.. me and my weirdest high school friend spent the whole time crowd-surfing fucking awesome hahahahaha


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My first concert ever was Culture Club. My nan took me and my cousin, and sat with us in the crappy seats, and my mum and my auntie went together and sat in the good seats.

And I was allowed to wear a tiny bit of makeup! haha

I think I was like 8 or so.

why not

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Originally posted by mandapanda
the first one was tool when i was 13. the last one was metric last night.


you were at the phoenix? what did you think of the various bands?

i have no idea what the first concert i went to was, my dad took us out to jazz, rock and folk festivals from as early as i can remember. one of the first that i remember was the shuffle demons at the harbourfront outdoor stage. i would have been a little kid though.
incidentally, i just found out that richard underhill from the shuffle demons will be playing on an album that i'm going into the studio next week to do - kind of a nice full circle.

i'm going to guess that i've seen hundreds of bands, but probably under a thousand. my ears hurt after reading that.


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The first concert I went to was on my 15th or 16th birthday.

I went to see Weezer at the Opera House on a school night, did acid, came home at 4am and got to listen to my Mom give me a lecture on responsibility and drugs.

The lecture really taught me 1 important lesson:

If you're on acid wait until your Mom goes to work the next day to come home.

I still failed that lesson a lot.
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first real(read: big) concert:

Metropolis in Mtl. October 05, 1992- Seaweed, Green Day, Bad Religion

best concert:

Spectrum in Mtl. sometime in 1995- Everclear(shit), Filter (Short Bus Tour)

second best concert(s):

Spectrum in Mtl. sometime in 1995- Strung Out, Face to Face
Metropolis(Mtl) Their first apperance in mtl. - Penny"fuckin"Wise!!!
Lee's Palace(T.O.)- SwerveDriver
Metropolis(Mtl) goodbye show - Me, Mom and Morgantaler


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if djs are considered pop stars, do you guys think that a show by say, digweed, is considered a "concert"?


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Next time the Mad Caddies are in town I will go, that will almost certainly be my next concert. Go team free backstage pass!!

edit- I don't really know what I am talking about. I was thinking of the Dropkick Murphys not Mad Caddies.
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