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First as tragedy, then as farce

Discussion in 'Politics (deprecated)' started by diablo, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

  2. atbell

    atbell TRIBE Member

    That was worth watching just for the animation.

    Good find.

    Do you have his appearance on HartTalk?
  3. atbell

    atbell TRIBE Member

    Found him on BBC's HardTalk:

    Man he is all over the place and FAST!

    Then throw in some translation issues that you can see him struggle with and it's one hell of a mix.

    There were a lot of ideas, concepts and lines that I liked in this interview set (circa Nov. 2009 I think). Here are some of the things I picked out, much of it is paraphrased so it's probably best to watch for yourself:

    "In the time of Stalin it was dangerous to be at the top of the nomenclatura."
    -An excelent term there and really points out how position and status are so much perception based.

    -At one point he tries to refute Fukayama (I think) by expressing that the comming centurey will see the gradual disintegration of the consensus that liberal capitalisim is the pinical of socio-political economic development. I completely agree with this and think that it is a shame that the past 40 years in North America have been absolutely stagnant in terms of thinking about what might come next, what might be better, and what can address the problems in the system we've been living with.

    "poverty has been in India for a very long time." ... a good point and it really looks like the rise of the middle class around the world is going to force Western countries to re-aquaint themselves with poverty, real poverty, not just people who have trouble getting designer clothing.

    Zizek is concerned that larger and larger segments of the population are living outside of the public space, in Fevela's for example. I'm in agreement with this and I don't think it's going to stop any time soon. By hiding poverty in the nooks and cranies of public space (say in the desolate concrete deserts of supper highways) actions to try and do something about it can be put off and people can last longer without having to feel bad about it.

    "[Asian capitalisim] looks to be even more productive and dynamic than ours but no longer needs democracy." This line peals, yes full on Christmas Carol 1800s forboding bells type of peals, loudly with me. In our balance of democracy and capitalisim in the West it is democracy which I feel has added the humane touch to our society, not capitalisim. Who knows what will develope without the restraint of democracy.

    Zizek points out that 30 - 40 years ago Afghanistan was ruled by a progressive secular monarch and was one of the most forward socially progressive countries in the Middle East / Western Asian region. It was not until the Soviets moved in that the global political chaos spawned what is now the poster child for extremist religious/political groups. He than points out that a very similar thing has developed in Kansas and the US bible belt in the same time period. I think it's important to remember that the zeal is new, a product of something in the last 3-4 decades.

    In closing he points out "We have to move further." and that "We have to take seriously the possibility that we don't have the answers."

    I find both of these closing sentiments very apt. When the Hippies finished with thier social progressions and pushes for a new system, loosely labled liberal democratic capitalisim, a whole society said "there, done" and simply gave up thinking. Now we are paying for it because there has been no research on what is next or even on correcting flaws which were plain for everyone to see.

    Oh it's going to be a fun decade or two ...
  4. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    That animation was wicked when he says something like "or the advanced level: putting poor in talent contests" I spewed my coffee all over my desk.

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