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Fires, Vandalism Hit Cars at Dealership

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Boss Hog, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

    Fires, Vandalism Hit Cars at Dealership
    Fri Aug 22,

    By NADA EL SAWY, Associated Press Writer

    WEST COVINA, Calif. - Fires destroyed dozens of SUVs and a warehouse at an auto dealership Friday, and vehicles there and at three other dealerships were spray-painted with slogans such as "Fat, Lazy Americans."

    "With all the evidence ... it's highly likely it's an arson fire," said Rick Genovese, fire marshal for West Covina, a Los Angeles suburb.

    The radical group Earth Liberation Front issued an unsigned e-mail Friday calling the incidents "ELF actions," and the FBI was investigating the dealership fire as domestic terrorism, Police Chief Frank Wills said.

    The underground group has claimed responsibility for a slew of arson attacks against commercial entities that members say damage the environment. It is suspected in a multimillion-dollar arson fire Aug. 1 that destroyed a five-story apartment complex under construction in San Diego, though an ELF e-mail claimed the group had not been in contact with those responsible in that case.

    The blazes at the Clippinger Chevrolet dealership broke out about 5 a.m. Friday. Flames destroyed about 20 vehicles, mostly Hummer H2s, which are luxury SUVs patterned after the military's workhorse Humvee. Another 20 vehicles were badly damaged. A separate blaze caved in a warehouse roof.

    There were no reports of injuries, but damage was estimated at $1 million.

    SUVs at dealerships in nearby cities of Arcadia, Duarte and Monrovia were also vandalized, though there were no other fires.

    Among the slogans written on the sides and hoods of vehicles were "I (heart) Pollution" and "American Wastefullness." "ELF" was written on at least one vehicle.

    General Motors Corp. spokesman Brian Akre called the blaze a "reprehensible criminal act" and said the Detroit-based company, whose brands include Hummer and Chevrolet, was thankful that the fire didn't result in injuries.

    "If this was some kind of misguided attempt to make a political statement, those responsible should know that committing arson and putting property and people in danger is not the way to gain public support for their position," Akre said.


    I chuckled.
  2. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    What was so funny? Those group(s) just caused unnecessary economic damage to both companies and individuals.

    No matter what your cause is, breaking the law by destroying other people's property is the most immature and inconsiderate way to get your point across.

    The funny thing is that they probably caused more pollution by setting the vehicles on fire. Not only did the fuel burn, but so did the plastic, and rubber parts, which probably harm the environment much worse than gasoline.

    Cheers ... Ian :)
  3. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

    Yes all of what you said ran through my head.

    Then I chuckled.
  4. daddyiwantchocolate

    daddyiwantchocolate TRIBE Member


    I'm chuckling too.
  5. Syntax Error

    Syntax Error Well-Known TRIBEr

    let's try to reduce pollution by setting things on fire!
  6. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

    That's right. Eat me. ;)

    Who wants to look at how much miles per gallon the Hummer gets?

    Who wants to look at 5 years worth of 1 hummers effects on the environment.

    Not you guys. :)
  7. vveerrgg

    vveerrgg TRIBE Promoter

    ya gotta admit. it is funny.
  8. daddyiwantchocolate

    daddyiwantchocolate TRIBE Member

    They should have burned the idiot soccer moms that drive them in the fast lane going 80 instead.
  9. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    Hummer H2 MPG: 10 city / 13 hwy

    Honda Civic Sedan MPG: 29 city / 38 hwy

    Obviously, it is not the most fuel-efficient vehicle around. But they only sell a few thousand per year, and they are not exactly high-milage vehicles for most customers. So they really do have a negligable effect on the environment.

    Sure the Civic uses about 1/3 of the gas of a Hummer per mile, however, there are about 100 times the number of Civics sold in North America, as there are Hummers sold.

    And to all those that still think it is funny, I ask this: Would it be funny if someone vandilized or set your car on fire?

    Cheers ... Ian :)
  10. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

    I don't have a car and will go for as long as I can (planning my lifestyle around) not having one.

    Fightclub was such a coooooooooooooooool movie, wasn't it?

  11. Snapper

    Snapper TRIBE Member

    "The things that you own, end up owning YOU!"
  12. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    For the record I chuckled too.
  13. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    Did you chuckle when you had your car vandalized and records stolen. Probably not, right?

    Although, replacing records is not quite as easy as replacing a car, so your pain was probably much worse.

    Anyways, I give up trying to convince you guys. I guess I am the only non-chuckler in this thread, hehe. (<--- whoops!)

    Cheers ... Ian :)
  14. sugar

    sugar TRIBE Member

    If someone wrote "Fat, Lazy American" on my car, I would laugh.

    If someone set my car on fire, well, I wouldn't laugh unless I was stuck inside it at the time... what else ya gonna do?
  15. sugar

    sugar TRIBE Member

    Incidentally, that was not sugar, but postmod...hehe...

    What's insurance for anyway?
  16. sweetdaddy

    sweetdaddy TRIBE Member

    who cares about the point they want to make.

    maybe they just wanted to attack the bad guys .

    funny...when will smith or harrison ford or pierce brosnan destroy and annihalate who they consider "bad guys" in films, they are heroes and it is justified,...yet we condemn and punish those who do it in the real world....where it actually counts for something.

    true.....in the real world people can really get hurt.
    but that's not my point.
    my point is that both the desire to buy a brand new Hummer and the desire to blow them up come from the same source.

    that's what I chuckle at.
  17. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    Not the same thing.. and neither are justifyable, yet one amuses me in a way because it's less personal. It's not hard to understand, but if you want to take it deeper, from a socio-political standpoint, I really have no sympathy for companies who really don't have the cleanest operating records. And I hate the new SUV's. So no real loss & good anti-suv publicity gained.

    I'm just being honest.
  18. Funzo

    Funzo TRIBE Member

    I love it! Sure I'll admit there are more resonalble ways to try (operative word) and get your whiney little bitch message across. However you can't ignore burned and damaged vehicles like you can a bunch of snotty-nosed hippies crying with signs. You want to make an omlette, you gotta break a few eggs.

    On a more serious note, the new hummers are the most wretched looking vehicles around. It looks like they took a fridge box and stuck it on some wheels. The older ones atleast looked cool.

    Keep up the good work ELF.
  19. Soundstream

    Soundstream TRIBE Member

    Yes, my comparison was a bit of a stretch. But I guess my overall point is that that kind of activity doesn't really benefit anyone in my opinion.

    Maybe it is just me, but if I hear an environmental group make a public announcement/protest without violence, I see them as intelligent, honest people, and therefore tend to listen to their message more. But when violent/destructive acts come into their plans, then I tend to think lesser of their cause.

    I know why they do it: for media attention, etc ... but I still don't think it is the right way to go about spreading your message.

    Cheers ... Ian :)
  20. dvs

    dvs TRIBE Promoter


  21. junglisthead

    junglisthead TRIBE Member

    too bad the rest of the world doesnt act in this supposed manner

    it is not until destruction or violence, do people wake up and take notice
  22. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

    revolutions are never pretty.
  23. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

    The trees have had it up to here, and they ain't takin' any more shit.

    Sequoia Crushes SUV In National Park

    POSTED: 4:46 p.m. PDT August 18, 2003
    UPDATED: 12:23 p.m. PDT August 19, 2003

    SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, Calif. -- A 200-foot-tall giant sequoia tree fell along Sequoia National Park's main road, crushing a vehicle into a several-foot high pile of crumpled metal, park officials said Monday.

    The tree, believed to be approximately 1,000 years old, fell Sunday at about 5:15 p.m. along the Generals Highway several miles east of the Giant Forest Museum, said park spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet.

    No one was injured but the Jeep Grand Cherokee was destroyed, Picavet said.

    The vehicle was parked in a turnout alongside the road.

    "They had hiked to a waterfall close by. They said they heard this huge crash like a sonic boom and they saw the top of a tree going over," Picavet said. "They didn't put it together until they got back and saw it had fallen on their car."

    Picavet said the tree had previous fire damage that contributed to the collapse.

    "Only half of the tree was still alive," she said. "These trees do fall. It's not unusual. But it is extremely unusual for one to fall and crush a car."

    Picavet said the road was closed for about 15 minutes while park crews and firefighters cleaned gas and oil from the road and cleared tree fragments.

    She said park officials will leave the tree where it fell.

    The vehicle's owner had driven to California from Florida.

    "This vehicle made it all the way from Florida without any problems," Picavet said. "We're all interested to see if the insurance company treats this as an act of God."

    In nearby Yosemite National Park, a Jeffrey pine tree that was perched atop Sentinel Dome fell to the ground sometime in the last week, Yosemite National Park officials said Monday.

    The tree attracted photographers Carelton Watkins and Ansel Adams in the late 1800s and appears on numerous park postcards.

    The tree died during the severe drought of 1976-77. Park officials said storms in the Sierra Nevada in early August may have contributed to the collapse.


    viva Treebeard!
  24. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    1. The sole motive of the act was to create awareness to a cause, and it seems to have succeeded (mainstream press coverage).

    2. Like Boss Hog said, peaceful protest can only get your cause noticed so far. Malcom X was famous for saying that there is no such thing as a non-violent revolution -and a revolution in ways the N.A. public consume, it seems, is what this ELF faction would want. In the states, the current media ownership has ensured that any protest gets very litle media attention. That coupled with the well accepted fact that nowadays corporations have more rights than human beings, it's no wonder that destructive protest of this nature will begin to increase. I'm not trying to justify the destruction, but I'm just trying to help you understand that the motives & methods behind things like this run a bit deeper than being the actions of some attention seeking vandals.
  25. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    Gaia has a sense of humour, I see...

    Jeep commercials on TV with sequoias all around, and now Gaia is dropping trees on top of them ;)

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