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Find me Carlsberg


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I went to the beer store yesterday hoping to get a 24 of Carlsberg. (redflagdeals said that they were selling them for $24) The beer store guy did not know anything about the pricing but they were sold out of Carlsberg anyways. Apparently they are sold out of Carlsberg at all beer stores and it won't be stocked for a few weeks. This is probably due to the fact that Moosehead is now brewing Carlsberg.

Can anyone confirm or deny these rumours? I must know the truth.
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Um, I've only seen sales on really nasty light beers. And half packs.
It's too popular for them to have a price-drop.
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Dan is right! That's what I get for smoking all day Sunday I guess. But the question remains...have you seen bottled Carlsberg on your beer store's shelf? If so...let me know.


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I bought some @ Queen and Bathurst yesterday Ben.

If not yesterday, then sometime this weekend. Its all a drunken blur.