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Finally some new South Park episodes!


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Originally posted by Dr Funk MD
When can people see these new episodes who don't have the time to download and have cable?
d00d - just let the download sit overnight... next day you're good to go.

Cheap Ego

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Originally posted by lobo
Cripple fight was hilarious! I loved how they imitated every single move from the same fight in the movie They Live.


holy shit you're right!! And I just saw that movie recently. I knew there was something really really creepy about that fight (aside from the obvious fact that both timmy and jimmy are crippled).

Makes so much sense, now that I think about how drawn out the fight scene is in the movie.

"put..on...the..hat... "

Maybe I'll try playing them in synch to see just how well they timed it ;)


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Originally posted by LivingRoomPornstar
dude mrtwig.net....it's rm, took all of 13 minutes to download.


Yeah good point. Grab the Real Media 32MB version if bandwidth is an issue. That's how I used to watch the first few seasons oh so long ago.

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