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Finally....i can post!!


TRIBE Member
Yo, sorry for this ghetto message, but i think i am now authorized on here

Im Neil, i know tonnes of y'all already


Jeremy Jive

TRIBE Member
Welcome. Say good bye to your life. Tribe will take that away real quick.

jeremy -and never take any of us seriously- jive


TRIBE Promoter
this isn't the neil im thinkin of is it..?
let see il put youto the test... well one question..

if you were at fever...
what dance did you teach me...
the mohawk dance or the chicken dance..??

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TRIBE Member
davey boy....
well, they may as well be the same dance...however i believe i taught you the mohawk-hop!

bobby....bitch face...ohhh dont make this 80lb wonder bust a cap off....

and hello jen! i just realized how dumb my name is here...its a wonder what things come about when dreaming of wendys...